General Inquiries

  • How do you determine a cleaning program for different types of buildings?

    A: An EnviroTech representative will meet with you at your facility to go over the current cleaning program and/or the expectations you have or would like to see. There are a lot of different variables that are reviewed when building a program. Example: Type of business, staff population, does it have general public traffic or not, budget, Green considerations and many more.

  • How do you determine how much time is spent cleaning the building?

    A: All things from the above question are considered along with cleaning frequency, square footage, different flooring, cleanable fixtures, geographic location and etc. Once the building has been audited the findings go into formula that uses ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) and BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International) standard measurable production rates to come up with the amount of time needed to perform that cleaning program.

  • Does your cost include all employee related cost, cleaning, supplies and equipment?

    A: Yes, EnviroTech’s monthly sum consist of all employee wages, taxes, insurance along with the cleaning supplies and equipment that is necessary for that job site. Consumable supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, liners and etc are included at an additional cost or upon requests included in the monthly billing.

  • Is your company insured?

    A: Yes our company has a well managed insurance program to meet your needs.

  • Why is using a colored microfibers cleaning system important or better than cotton cloths?

    A: EnviroTech not only cleans to help protect the environment but also to protect people’s health. This system helps avoid cross contamination, you wouldn’t use the same cloth at home to clean your restroom that you would your kitchen table, would you? We don’t want to either.

  • What time do you clean facilities?

    A: This depends on the facility and the needs of the customer, we service all different times of day and night.

  • Do you screen your employees?

    A: Yes we screen our Employees using LexisNexis employment screening.

  • Are your employees uniformed?

    A: All employees are well groomed and follow a complete uniform policy that includes clean pants, EnviroTech polo neatly tucked in accompanied by a black/brown leather belt, proper footwear and photo ID badge.

  • Are employees trained?

    A: All employees go through training at EnviroTech and onsite at the facility, for more information please visit our training page.

  • How do you ensure that the cleaning staff showed up and that the building was cleaned?

    A: If it is a large facility there is an onsite Manager or Lead that would assist in managing the account. EnviroTech also uses a software that notifies an Area Manager when each staff member has arrived and when they have left from a telephone time keeping system this is also verified with caller id to ensure they are calling from the recorded number in the system.

  • What kind of quality control system do you have?

    A: Our Area Managers and Building Leads are continuously monitoring quality on a daily basis however we use a industry software on our smart phones to help track the quality. This uses the specific information of each individual building and their cleaning program to monitor the quality. This is reviewed by the General Manager.

  • Are the cleaning products you use safe?

    A: EnviroTech has a LEED AP on staff to ensure that the products we use and how they are used are safe for the environment and the health of people.

  • Is Green Cleaning effective?

    A: Green cleaning is effective and the cleaning industry has lead the way when it comes to being “Green” and working. Please visit our different green pages.

  • Do you leave your cleaning supplies and equipment here or bring them each time?

    A: Yes, even our smallest account we leave our cleaning supplies and equipment at the account.

  • How are the cleaning staff managed?

    A: Multi-staff buildings generally report directly to a manager or a lead person on staff however employees including those at smaller accounts are assigned to an Area Manager. This manager is available on a daily basis to each employee.

  • Do EnviroTech subcontract the cleaning out to other companies or independent contractors?

    A: No, EnviroTech self performs all their contracts with their own trained employees.

  • Is there after hours emergency services?

    A: Yes, One of the many benefits for EnviroTech customer is the access and reliability of their sister division RestoreTech. RestoreTech is an IICRC Certified Firm that performs full service disaster restoration services for water, fire, storm, smoke and odor damages. They are available 24/7/365 and should be your first call.

  • Do you offer services at all different times?

    A: Yes, We service your facility when you need it.

  • Will we have the same employees each night?

    A: Yes, EnviroTech hires employees for specific locations however when the position is open due to illness, vacation or absenteeism the position will be filled by a utility cleaner or manager.

  • How & Who cleans when a cleaning staff member calls in sick?

    A: EnviroTech employs staff that are specifically hired to fill in under certain Area Manager territories for when a position is open. They are promoted and compensated at a higher level than the most cleaners because of the increased knowledge and responsibility.

  • Do you provide matting?

    A: Yes, depending on the geographic location, building, occupancy and population we can help you select the right type of matting for your facility.

  • Do you provide consumable supplies? Toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, garbage liners etc.?

    A: Yes, we are often able to recommend and save our customers money by getting them on a program that makes sense and is more economical because of our buying power. EnviroTech monitors orders, ships and receives this at no additional cost. We make our living cleaning facilities and are able to use this as a way to add value so you can consolidate your vendors and keep the associated cleaning cost all on one invoice.

  • Why should we not clean “in house”?

    A: Your time and focus should be on what made you successful, your business. Do what you do best and allow us to do what we do best.

  • Are you a franchise?

    A: No, we are a Minnesota Family owned company that has been in business since 1970.