Buttweiler Company Credo




our credo

Our History

THAT WAS THEN… From our beginnings as a small, family owned company in 1970, Buttweiler Janitorial Service and Supply Company (as it was then known) has continuously pursued better, more efficient ways of doing things. Quality, Integrity, and Professionalism have been our hallmark since the day Jim and Ilone Buttweiler first ran a cleaning company out of their home. Sadly, both of our founders are now deceased but we are forever linked to their legacy. Siblings, Tim Buttweiler and Patricia (Buttweiler) Stang took over where their parents left off. Even our corporate identity reflects our strong ties to the past as it is represented by the letter ‘b’ linked together and repeated four times.

THIS IS NOW… Today our company operates from a modern office and warehouse complex in Waite Park, Minnesota. We embrace technology and continue to update systems which we think gives us a competitive advantage. Our automated Telephone Timekeeping System serves as a failsafe method to monitor labor budgets and virtually eliminate the problem of “no shows” that have long plagued our industry. Because we embraced this technology early we were able to implement it system-wide. Many of the largest national firms still operate with paper time cards and crossed fingers.

In 2003 we updated our identity with a name change to Buttweiler Environmental, Inc. although we retained the 4-b logo. Additionally, we created three distinct divisions which better defined the specialized services each offered. EnviroTech, RestoreTech and HouseWorks provide commercial janitorial, disaster restoration and home cleaning services respectively. Our three unique yet closely aligned divisions all serve under the Buttweiler Environmental umbrella ~ a family of companies with the common goal of improving the environments where people live, work and gather.

Company Philosophies

MANY YEARS AGO… we took a step back from the day-to-day to think about and record who we were and what we wanted to be about. One of the results was the creation of several important documents which adorn our office walls today. More than words on paper they are words we choose to live by. Our corporate Mission Statement succinctly puts our thoughts into words while our people put them into action. Our Customer Philosophies are well thought out yet could, perhaps, have been said in fewer words like ~ do the right thing. Every organizations’ most important resource is, no doubt its people, therefore, we spent a lot of time defining our Employment Philosophies. Mission statements and philosophies are simply good intentions unless they are backed up with solid Leadership Principles. As we like to form strategic partnerships with our customers we also understand that they are equally important to strive for with our vendors. Our Procurement Philosophies state that we will give respect and insist on it in return from our vendors and consultants. Finally, but of great importance, we took time to define our Quality Philosophies. Our management team understands that strict adherence to our Mission Statement and all of the Philosophies outlined above will, in the end, lead to the highest level of quality that every customer deserves and that we strive to deliver.


A CAREFULLY MANAGED insurance program combined with an excellent safety record means that you receive the benefit of protection that exceeds our industry’s standards.
$3 Million of General Liability Coverage ($1 Million Each Occurrence, $3 Million Aggregate)
$1 Million Excess Liability Umbrella
Lost Key Coverage
Care Custody and Control Coverage
Worker’s Compensation Coverage in Accordance with State Statutes
Professional Third Party Review of Your Insurance Requirements
Availability of Bid and Performance Bonds
Contact Us directly for more information on our insurance program.


What the Future Holds

Buttweiler Environmental and its three specialized divisions are poised for continued growth. To that end we continue to embrace technology and are constantly evaluating new services, processes, equipment, and materials ~ selecting those that will best serve our customers’ needs. We also recognize the importance of staying connected to our industry through membership and involvement in associations such as the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) and the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). Members of our Management Team take part in an array of seminars, regional conferences, and international tradeshows where they are able to learn, experience, and interact with other leaders in our vital and rapidly changing industry.