Medical Division

Your Prescription for a cleaner medical facility

Your Image is Our Image…

Medical CleaningAt EnviroTech, we value our image and are keenly aware that it reflects back on our clients. We take the business of cleaning medical facilities very seriously, therefore we created a specialized Medical Cleaning Division to address the particular requirements of these unique environments.

Gone are the days when patients selected their physicians and clinics solely based upon where “mom & dad” went. Today patients, staff and regulatory agencies look at long list of issues that should add up to a total quality experience.

A Health Conscious Approach to Cleaning…

Medical CleaningEnviroTech’s Medical Cleaning Division takes an innovative approach to cleaning and utilize processes, materials, and equipment that enable us to sanitize more “Touch Points” more frequently. Surfaces are disinfected and indoor air quality is improved with a reduction of allergens by using…

  • No Touch Cleaning Systems ( Such as the Kaivac®) which is proven to be 30-60 time more effective in removing surface contaminants than mops
  • Antimicrobial Microfiber Cloths and Mops that are color coded to avoid cross contamination
  • Vapor Steam Cleaners
  • HEPA Filtered Vacuums
  • Ionator EXP – only bacteria killing agent cleaner in the world without a chemical related health-warning label. EPA approved sanitizer.
  • Hygienic Green Cleaning Products and Processes

Combining Your Specifications with Our Attention to Detail

While cleanliness and appearance are important throughout every facility – exam and procedure rooms require an even higher level of detail. Our employees wear medical scrubs so that they may more closely identify with their work environment and the importance of their purpose. All ”Touch Poiints” are cleaned and disinfected including (but no limited to):

  • Exam Room Tables, Foot Stools and Chairs
  • Procedure Room Walls
  • Blood Draw Stations
  • Chairs and Stools, Including Pedestals and Bases
  • Nurses Stations (Counters, Telephones, Desks)
  • Cabinets, Handles and Hardware
  • Windowsills and Ledges
  • End Tables and Lamps
  • Magazine and Pamphlet Holders
  • Telephones and Handsets
  • Sinks, Vanities and All Dispensers
  • Light Switches and Pull Cords
  • Door Handles, Knobs and Frames

Medical Cleaning TeamOur staff uses HEPA filtration backpack vacuums to clean both carpet and hard surface flooring thus reducing airborne particulate caused by broom cleaning.

EnviroTech Training includes requirements for HIPPA, OSHA and Blood Borne Pathogens to ensure safety and confidentiality.



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