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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I will learn

We Don’t Just Make The Buildings We Service Cleaner, We Make Them Greener!

Clean Check Training Program

Training is a critical element in EnviroTech’s success in delivering high-quality janitorial services. Our training programs are practical and effective.

  • Interactive PowerPoint Training
  • DVD & Online Training Courses
  • Tell, Show, Do and Review Training Methodology
  • Hands-on Demonstration
  • Comprehensive New Employee Training
  • Supervisory Training
  • Management Training
  • Seminar and Continuing Education


In order to maximize learning and comprehension EnviroTech employees move through a process of information, demonstration, participation, and reinforcement of proper techniques, philosophies, policies, and procedures. The process begins in the classroom with custom made materials and media that show exactly what they will be doing at the jobsite and how to use, maintain, and order the supplies and equipment needed for their position. In addition, the critical aspects of behavior and proper professional conduct are stressed and documented on both a general and location-specific basis, allowing the trainer to customize many aspects of the training materials for each new employee and the environment they will be working in. The next and ongoing step in the training process involves working side by side with a skilled supervisor at the customer site, using position descriptions and job books that are created and maintained per facility, along with the long term experience and knowledge of the supervisor of the site. Consistency, thoroughness, and continuity are keys to success in training new employees and ensuring that all required and desired aspects of EnviroTech’s professional cleaning program are in place and being completed on a daily basis for every individual customer.

Comprehensive New Employee Training

EnviroTech’s training program ensures all new employees have the skills to perform the right work in the right way.

Our extensive new employee curriculum includes:

  • Communication Skills
  • Customer relation skills
  • Company image, dress codes, and professionalism
  • OSHA AWAIR and Right to Know Programs
  • Basic Workplace Safety Training
  • Hazard and Emergency procedures
  • Accident and injury reporting processes
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Skills Training
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Cleaning for Healthcare Facilities
  • Common area cleaning
  • Telephone Time Keeping
  • Security Systems and Key Handling
  • Rules, policies, and procedures
  • Employee Conduct and Ethics
  • Customer materials handling
  • Confidentiality & HIPAA Right to Privacy
  • Orientation to specific facility rules & regulations
  • Atmosphere of Cleanliness

Area Manager Supervisory Training

EnviroTech supervisors receive training throughout their careers, providing opportunities for promotion, greater responsibilities and a full career path.

  • CompuClean® Quality Assurance Program
  • Job Software – TEAM FINANCIAL
  • Leadership Training and Continuing Education
  • Advanced Communication Skills Training
  • Emergency Response & Contingency Planning
  • Inspection and Appraisal Performance Training
  • Workplace Safety & Injury Prevention
  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Inventory Control

Executive Management Training

In addition to EnviroTech’s supervisory level training, our management personnel receive advanced training from 3rd-party instructors in many areas including:

  • Certified Industry Skills
  • Customer Service/Satisfaction
  • Time Management
  • Personnel Management Strategies
  • Time Study/Job Loading
  • Leadership Training
  • Computer skills
  • Employment Law and Best Practices
  • Employee Recruitment & Retention